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Plastic Box, Crate, Pallet and Tray Wash Services

In recent years the food and retail industries have moved away from expensive one-trip packaging and looked towards sustainable rental reusable packaging and crate rental pooling alternatives to help improve supply chain efficiencies, reduce packaging waste and cut operational costs. Transpac Europe offers complete sustainable packaging solutions including full hygiene equipment washing services specifically designed for Pallet Washing, Plastic Tray Washing, Crate Wash, Bulk Bin Cleaning, Plastic Container Washing, Tote Washing and Plastic Box Wash.

Affordable Hygiene Supply Chain Equipment Washing

  Crate Wash, Tray Wash, Box Wash Plastic Pallet Washing Dolav Washing, Palletbox Wash

Most of our pallet and crate wash centers operate a reliable and robust 24 hour, 7 day a week service that caters for all reusable transit packaging (RTP) and plastic handling equipment from plastic food crates, plastic tote boxes and dolavs to pallet containers, ibc containers and food baskets. Our strategically placed industrial crate wash facilities will ensure your products are washed to the highest hygienic standards and returned to you cleaned, dried, shrink-wrapped and ready to use.

Our state of the art box wash machines have been designed to remove all levels of spoiling including proteins, staining and animal fats.

Adhesive Label Cleaning And Removal Service

A box de-labelling program and crate label cleaning service is also available for removing stubborn product labels from crates, trays and boxes. Adhesive product label build up can be a big problem to businesses and if not properly removed can affect the efficiency and life cycle of the crate, box or tray within the supply chain.

Crate Wash, Box Wash, Tray Wash, Pallet Wash


Plastic Container Box Washing 

We welcome all plastic container washing enquiries including box wash, crate wash, pallet washing and tray wash from large to small and from all industry sectors. We have washing experience in the following reusable and rental plastic containers :-


Crates, Trays and Pallets for Processing, Storage and Transport of Meat (Beef, Pork, Lamb), Poultry (Chicken, Duck and Turkey), Seafood (Salmon, White Fish), Vegetables (Cabbages, Potatoes, Salad), Fruit, Dairy (Cheese, Milk), Ingredients and Bakery...


Boxes and Bins for Production, Storage and Distribution of Automotive Car Parts, Electrical Components, Engineering, Personal Computers, High Value Modules... 


Totes and Boxes for Production, Order Picking, Storage and Delivery of Clothing, Perfume, Cosmetics, Magazines, Fashion, High Value Goods, Electrical Equipment, Small Accessories...

Complete Peace Of Mind

We understand that hygiene is paramount within the food, retail and manufacturing industry. We operate a stringent hygiene program including swab testing and regular machine maintenance to ensure we comply with food industry standards. Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest level of hygienically cleaned crates, trays, boxes and plastic pallets that can be used immediately within the supply chain.

Box Wash Machine

Tray Washing, Pallet Washing, Tray Washing Machine

Contact us now for more information on Crate Washing, Pallet Cleaning, Tray Wash, Bulk Bin Cleaning, Dolav Washing, Box Wash and Tote Washing.

Transpac Europe Crate & Tray Washing

Flexible Equipment Washing

  • Fixed term box wash contracts and cleaning agreements

  • Tray Wash, Crate Wash, Bin Wash, Box Wash and Pallet Washing

  • Plastic containers cleaned for all industries

  • Seasonal supply chain equipment washing

  • Crate cleaning and washing for production spikes

  • Ad hoc and flexible contract cleaning

  • Emergency production washing

  • European hygiene box wash centers

  • State of the art hygiene washing machines

  • No minimum crate wash volumes


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